About Us

About Us

Oct 16th 2015

Hi!  My name is Mary or Mary Margaret or the Shirt Lady :) I'll answer to about anything!  I originally started this business in my basement making wood signs - solely to keep my creative mind busy after my average 8 to 5 job. It was shortly after, that I experimented with making a shirt for my personal use using a small cricut and an iron. I wore the shirt I made to a festival where I was selling my signs and someone asked me to make them one. I was shocked someone wanted a shirt like mine.  As soon as I posted it to Facebook, the orders flooded in. It became apparent soon after, that it was near impossible for me to keep up with both my full time job and my 'side gig'. So, guess which one I chose! 

Since then, I no longer use irons, retired my cricut, got bigger equipment, moved into a brick and mortar store, and have 5 employees!

We love being able to offer people custom shirts for all occasions in life!  Whether it be just for fun or something to celebrate a life event.  I realized early on that I didn't want to offer just boring, stiff, uncomfortable t-shirts. So, here at Make it Personal, we focus on quality garments and if I won't wear it or if it's not comfortable, we don't sell it! Every shirt is made with passion, consideration and lots of love!